High Pressure and Nitrogen Units

Platform mounted units.


Nitrogen System

Maximum Working Pressure 10,000 Psi
Hydrostatic Test 15,000 Psi
Tem. of Operation (min.) -20 oF (-29 oC)
Tem. Operating (max.) 120 oF (49 oC)
Hydra Rig NP200 Liquid Nitrogen Pump
Cold End 1.625 IN (4.128 CM)
Strokes 1.39 IN (3.539 CM)
Maximum Speed 1000 RPM
Vaporizer (boiler) Model A50478
Capacity 3000 SCFM
125 GPM heat exchanger

High pressure units

400 HP self-transporting pump to circulate fluids with a maximum working pressure of 1,500 PSI, with expenses up to 4 bls / min. in continuous pumping, with indicators of pressure, flow and pumped volume.
Nitrogen Units

Trailer mounted, nitrogen unit, with 2,800 gallon liquid nitrogen tank (rated capacity), triplex high pressure pump, centrifugal charge pump, liquid nitrogen vaporizer, engine platform and everything needed for instrumentation and controls locally operated (listed in a climate controlled operator’s cabin).

All system components can be mounted directly to the trailer via the cross members in order to minimize weight.







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