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  • How to understand it's time to consider auto glass replacement

    How to understand it’s time to consider auto glass replacement   Repair or replacement: when the car windshield becomes dangerous. Traffic rules do not strictly regulate the condition of the windshield, only prohibiting the operation of the car without it. But it doesn’t mean you should forget about the timely repair or auto glass replacement:…

  • High Pressure and Nitrogen Units

    Platform mounted units.   Nitrogen System Maximum Working Pressure 10,000 Psi Hydrostatic Test 15,000 Psi Tem. of Operation (min.) -20 oF (-29 oC) Tem. Operating (max.) 120 oF (49 oC) Hydra Rig NP200 Liquid Nitrogen Pump Cold End 1.625 IN (4.128 CM) Strokes 1.39 IN (3.539 CM) Maximum Speed 1000 RPM Vaporizer (boiler) Model A50478 […]


    Scenarios of application of comprehensive services. INTEGRAL PROPOSAL PETROTEC-AVANTUB-PROPESA Head Inspection Maintenance Procure and / or Substitution Calibration Fishing Work Opening and Closing of Shirts Tamponade and Abandonment Induction Procurement and operation of TF (for cleaning, cementing, well control, logging, sand blasting, TCP system, selective stimulation, grinding) Speed String Installation of Mechanical Pumping assisted by […]